Quarantine 2

Action 1995 Dos Dosbox GameTek Futuristic Car and action

Full on action game with fun

The game has served as a superior, advanced and exciting sequel to its predecessor game Quarantine. The plot is almost the same where you will play as drake who is a Cab driver in search of his way out of the hell about to break out in Kemo city. The use of the cab is the only way for Drake to survive and he will use it to perform different deadly missions and will cut his way through to his freedom. He will perform the missions against OminiCorp whose leader has become aware of his activities and wants to take some serious revenge. Through every mission you will have to upgrade your car to equip it with weapons so that you can counter the enemies. Killing all your opponents is the only way to make it to your freedom. A difference which this game has from the original Quarantine is that you do not need money and you will go to the defined pick up locations where the passenger will brief you about the mission. The graphics are SVGA and are very good as compared to the original and gives you a bloody gameplay with a touch a cynical humor. You also have an inboard camera in your cab. Throughout the game you will be going through different well designed locations in the city and won't lose interest at any time. So I will recommend this game to all action game lovers.

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