Techno Cop

Action 1988 Dos Dosbox Imagexcel Futuristic Car and action

Racing and platforming plus shooting

In Techno Cop you will embody this futuristic law enforcer, in a few different scenarios. The game is split into racing portions, into platforming and shooting sections, each one that is like a minigame of its own. However, all of these elements play nice enough to be fun enough per se, and thus, the entire game is a combination of really interesting elements. The problem, however, is that control wise, the way the controls respond is very unappealing. The driving bits wil soon show how unresponsive they can get, and the criminal pursuits are just as frustrating because of the lacking control scheme, due to the very limited and unpolished controls. It's strange that the developers didn't pour a little more attention into these details of the game, more so given that on the Commodore the game is said to have played a little better. Oh, well, blame it on poor porting and leave it at that, this game just was unlucky! Play Police Quest instead, which wile more of an adventure than an arcader, is a lot better produced and playable.

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