Alien Odyssey

Action 1995 Dos Dosbox Argonaut Futuristic 3D action adventure

Action, Adveture, Amazing graphics and versatality

This game is a complete package of action, adventure, flight simulation and also features full motion videos and some great sequences which makes it very thrilling. You belong to future race and your spacecraft has got stuck on some planet. The plot is that you will counter an alien on this planet who is being chased down by some evil robots. Sensing that the alien is in trouble, you mount on your bike and start to chase the robots and go all guns blazing with your futuristic pistol to shoot them down. The game has numerous movie clips and the path which it adopts goes on changing all the time which brings a lot of variety to the gameplay. The 3D section involved in this game is related to puzzle solving which is quite adventurist and unique. Similarly when you talk about the action sequences, they are so neatly and uniquely designed that you will find everything to cater your interest and will set your pulse rating. The graphics in this game are spectacular and the game controls are also amazing. I have enjoyed every part of it and it remains to be one of my favorites. So it's quite diverse, fun and full of action.

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