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Thrilling space shooter and good graphics

The game has basically a futuristic theme and is more of an imaginative simulation. The plot here is that the world has become technologically advanced and they have managed to build a space colony and people are now being taken to live in the colony through a space ship. On their way to the colony, they have been attacked by alien ships and now the fate of 10,000 humans is on stake. So it's time for a hero to come forward for the rescue and you will play that hero in this game. You will be a driving a spaceship into the space and will have to destroy the aliens to protect the space colonists. It is basically a shooting action theme where your spaceship is though not large but has been equipped with a lot of weapons and guns that can create destruction and chaos. The good thing in the game is that not only can your target the enemies with your weapons, but you can also blow some of the areas in the game. The graphics in the game are perfectly matched to the theme and are well in line with those times. The same can be said about the UI and the A1 as both are good. The gameplay is quite similar to Descent and may be even better for some of the other gamers.

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