Star Crusader

Simulation 1994 Dos Dosbox GameTek Flight Space combat

Become a part of the cosmic army

Star Crusader is a cool space flight combat game that puts you behind the controls of a space ship in a space war against of other deadly ships, that are all against you. It's kill or be killed. Nothing more than that. Although it can be compared to the Wing Commander series in terms of gameplay and visual quality, the latter is definitely light years better in terms of quality and AI performance. A definite plus for this game is the great quantity of missions to solve, and they vary in their content, so in one you might be destroying other ship, and in some others you will be doing simple recon. This will create a sense of variety so you won't be bored very soon! The only thing that might question the quality of the game is the AI, which is less than average in its performance, so the game might not be as challenging as you would want it to be. Still, that might be a good thing for newbies of these games so take advantage of it as much as you can. As mentioned before, the graphics are truly very good, so you'll sometimes feel like you're right there. While not perfect, Star Crusader is a very good space combat game that will guarantee a good time.

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