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An extended Monopoly game, huge in scope

Oligopoly is a strategy game that takes the ideas of your classic Monopoly game but creates an interesting blend, gameplay wise more thorough, more far reaching, and, visually, sufficiently pleasing, similar to other late 80s games. So, get ready for a toned down visual theme, but don't worry, the game inside is actually fun enough even without the tie-ins of the graphics. The main concept that is explored in this game is that of total economic empowerment, more so than what Monopoly could do, but the gameplay principles are the same. You'd think that at the core of the game is luck, but, in fact, the tactical and long term strategic thinking of the game is where it's all about. So, yeah, give it a try, it will surely not disappoint. Also, another idea that the game plays with is that of the stock exchange market, of course, simplified, made to fit into the turn based structure of the game, but, as an economic sim abstraction it adds depth to the game. Not as easy to play, in terms of learning the controls and general layout, but if you give it a few minutes (and read the manual) you will eventually get a handle on things. So, yeah, try it out, it is worth looking into.

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