Racing 1995 Windows Kurt W. Dekker Arcade style Action based

Or Big Green Maze

Rally K is sort of like a racing car version of the game Pacman - you drive your little care in a top down view through a big green maze which you can't see in full size, try to escape from a few other little cars that are obviously a threat to you, and avoiding obstacles, at the same time trying to get to the finish line. There are a few powerups that you can pick up on the way, such as a power boost, and fuel that will keep you going. There are also little coins that give you money which you can use afterwards to buy upgrades for your car and more. The game is pretty simple and fun, with pretty simple graphics. The level design is pretty good and the mazes are detailed but the AI is not very advanced, withing a minute or two you are sure to have avoided them for sure since you're a lot faster and better than them. This is not a spectacular game and it doesn't have much depth and detail, but still, definitely worth your time for an hour or two. Have fun and good luck driving! :)

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