Spy Hunter

Racing 1984 Dos Dosbox Bally Midway Manufacturing Co. Arcade style Action based

Top down racer and shooter, quite fun

This is a top down 2D arcade racer and shooter, very much on the arcade side of things, very much NES like and, also, a pretty fast game! The point of the game is that you are this road runner that has to win every race, but, you also get to shoot your enemies and you get to take on some of the other vehicles via shooting rather than by any other means. It's a well produced game, a very interesting take on the recipe and thus, a smart overall game. Smart as in fun and not too concerned with physics, or realism, but just wacky and wanting to keep you engaged. It looks a lot like the 8 bit games of the same nature on the NES, but it sure does a good job at creating the illusion of speed, which works great for it. It's quite dramatic to see how much the series has evolved. Take a look at the Spyhunter game released in 2001 a proper 3D racer, and you'll see what 15 years meant for graphics and overall gameplay! But, yeah, for all intents and purposes, Spy hunter sure is a fun arcader, and you're bound to have a couple of entertaining races with it. Try it, it sure is worth a look!

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