Turn 'n Burn

Action 1990 Dos Dosbox Flair Software Science Fiction Third Person

Get blasting!

This one sounds like it might be driving game but titles can be deceptive and instead it turns out to be another Asteroids-style shooter which mixes physics with blasting to decent, if unoriginal, effect. There is little here to differentiate the game from the groundbreaking original, other than a few twists, but the gameplay remains as entertaining as ever, so if you can get past the lack of innovation, there's a fun time to be had here. On the off chance that you've had your head stuck under the ground for the last thirty years and don't know Asteroids, what you have here is basically a single screen shooter. Each level finds you in control of a dinky little ship and it's your job simply to destroy the myriad alien ships which fly around, trying to do just the same to you. Kill all the regular ships and sort of mini-boss shows up and if you take him out, then it's a case of rinse and repeat and you carry on until you run out of lives. The trick here is that you have to consider the amount of thrust given to your ship, which makes flying around that little bit more challenging, as just a quick tap of the button sends you hurtling through space with wild abandon. You have to exercise control and moderation with your actions, as if you hit the edge of the screen, you appear on the opposite side, which again adds a nice sense of unpredictability to the game. Although it is completely lacking in anything new, Turn 'n' Burn remains a fun and enjoyable blaster that is a perfect high score chaser. The controls are responsive, the visuals decent enough and the blasting action is non stop so if you like this kind of thing, then check it out.

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