Realm of Chaos

Action 1995 Dos Dosbox Apogee Platformer Adventure Combat Fantasy

A typical platformer

No, this game has nothing to do with the famous Warhammer: 40k publications with the same name. This is a pretty typical and mediocre platform game that we have all seen before a million times over. The game is set on 26 levels, divided into three episodes, only the first one playable in a shareware version. The gameplay is as in every other platform game. You control two characters, a warrior called Endrick and a mage called Elandra, and can switch between them at any time. The characters have only minor differences between each other, which raises the question why there are two characters in the first place, except for preferences with players who get to control them. The game has a certain amount of violence, but that can be triggered on or of, depending on your preferability. The graphics and sound are both on par with the time the game was released. The game is kind of reminiscent of Duke Nukem 2D version, because there is a lot of action involved and the game can be pretty violent. Still, while there is nothing new to the game and the second character is a bit too much, the game is pretty decent and fun to play. Good work!

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