Barbarian 2

Action 1989 Dos Dosbox Palace Software Beat em up Third Person

A sidescroller adventure brawler with a Rahan type protagonist

In Barbarian 2 you will go on an epic sidescrolling journey in alright EGA graphics, better than your average freeware sidescroller from the golden era. It has that Golden Axe type of setting, a world still untamed and full of barbarian baddies and all sort of mythical creature bosses to slay. The same evil Drax of the first Barbarian game will be the main antagonist, and this time around, the game is a bit meatier. You get a total of 28 locales and each miniboss that needs be slain will put on a different show for you, asking you to slay him is a different kind of manner. But, all in all, Barbarian 2 is well paced and the difficulty curve is also not too steep. Yeah, after a while you may get bored by the waves and waves of similar regular enemies, but you'll put up with it looking forward to your next encounter with a miniboss, which sure is worth the time invested. Definitely a worthy, highly enjoyable, highly playable game, which is sure to offer you a great time if you love left to right platforming.

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