Rescue Rover 2

Puzzle 1991 Dos Dosbox id Software Brainteaser Math or logic

Diverge the beam type puzzler

Rescue Rover 2 is a simple premise top down puzzler. You control a character tasked with finding his way around a maze, turning certain mirrors the right way so that a beam of light will reach its final destination. This start out with a few simple scenarios, meant to accommodate you with the premise, but later on the game becomes a little more complex, with other elements thrown in the pot to increase the challenge. At any rate, the mirror orientation and the finding your way through a maze are the main ways in which you will interact with the game. The graphical setting is not the most carefully polished, but it works just fine. What you might end up hating after a few run through sessions are the rather poorly looking tiles, that look as if they are silvery, emitting reflections. These however are static, and can take their toll on ones eyes. I would have certainly loved a less colorful set of tiles, but, at any rate, if you do not intend to play this game for long hours, I think you will be just fine, and emerge out of it unscathed. For a few levels at the least, this simple puzzler is sure worth the time investment, though.

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