Color Buster

Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox Pyramid Software Studio Brainteaser Math or logic

Lazy stacking puzzle

Color Buster takes a very simplistic and at times disappointing approach, trying to solve the age old problem of puzzles not becoming too frustrating or annoying. But how does it do it? It allows you to cheat. In the sense that, within the realm of possibility allowed by the game, partial failure is a possibility. Which is simply a breaking of the no.1 rule of any puzzle game. There has to be a solution, and you have to find it no matter what. The puzzle mechanic of the game involves stacking the same colored squares and then pushing them down a Shute. However, most puzzle boards don't require that you stack the entirety of boxes or that all of them reach the Shute, so you can choose to push some of them aside and out of the board. This can be assumed to be a mechanic meant to keep the difficulty level down, but on the other hand it can be seen as a lazy manner to design each puzzle board, as it is easy to just drop the boxes without having to consider if they offer a valid solution to the player, without having to leave some of the boxes out. So, if you don't get aggravated by lazy puzzlers, and like stacking puzzles, this game has delivers, plus it has a space ship/space premise with nice, functional graphics. However, don't expect any edgy puzzles, this game allows you to cheat and thus it cheats itself and cheats you out of a real challenge.

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