Residents: Freak Show, The

Adventure 1993 Dos Voyager Company Horror

The Interactive CD of the band of the same name

The Residents was a 90s alt rock, avant-garde rock and experimental group that was looking to explore the way the music could be changed and channeled by the rapid integration of PC and PC technology in the lives of that generation. Following that sort of turn of the century game change, this CD is a neo psychedelic kind of experience, making use of a number of minigames as well as lots of visualizations to keep you visually and also, sonically stimulated. The CD, as you'd expect, contains the music of the band, which had a sort of Daft Punk vibe to it, though less pop and more leaning towards a new age jazz feel. At any rate, the game/interactive experience is going to be an interesting, maybe funny in retrospect kind of experience, as it will take you on an information overload and psychedelic stimulation run, keeping you interested, of course, if you have the stomach for the sounds and video that they propose. The trouble is, you aren't really going to be able to sink too deep in this experience because, well, the interface fiddling and all the interactivity is not at its best. So, yeah, give it a go but don't expect to be taken into a trance, though you won't get bored either! An alternative? Give Guitar Hero a try for a more laid back and more engaging experience.

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