Alien Virus

Adventure 1994 Dos Dosbox Trecision S.p.A. Science Fiction Horror

Below average game

It is an average adventure and science fiction game which is played from a first person perspective. The plot in the game is an inviting one and you are on a regular cargo mission to an outpost and find that the planet is deserted and there is some alien virus which is looking for survivors to kill them and may very soon find you as well. Now the gameplay is that you will basically be finding keys and clues to the many close doors that are there are different elements. They should have banked in on the great theme by adding rescue and search operations but none of this has been involved in the gameplay. The level designs in the game are not that good because you see some repetitions every now and then and that does not add any star to the game. The graphics are also average and the gameplay elements are not interesting. However the interface which involves point and click elements is very easy to grasp and lets you grip the game. There are far better games to play than this one and one of those games is definitely Darkseed 2.

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