Strategy 1991 Dos Dosbox Teque London Top down

Safecracking type puzzler/adventure game

Revelation is a cool, well produced, and entirely satisfying to play, even if simple, safecracking type game; you get a number of locations with all sorts of safes and other different types of locks, and you have a series of tools to unlock them. It's not realistic; don't expect to use a thief's/burglar's set of tools, the safecracking is delivered more as an idea, to offer you these cool puzzles, abstract in form and built on different ideas. So, all of the safecracking is delivered, storywise, as you having to penetrate this compound, with more than 80 different puzzles to crack. It's great when played one after another in quick succession, as it can also be a 5 minute break game, though, for that, it might be a little to difficult and engaging/too energy draining. But, if abstract puzzles are your thing, this one will do. And for even more cool safecracking gameplay, download Safecracker , a safecracking delivered in ultra sleek modern adventure format, like a modern Myst game dedicated to safecracking heads!

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