Freakin' Funky Fuzzballs

Strategy 1990 Dos Dosbox Sir-tech Software Top down

Digger plus Pac Man equals this cool puzzle game!

If you've enjoyed Diggers as well as Pac Man, then this game here will truly be a mix that you will find to your liking! That is so because the gameplay in this one seems like the perfect mix of the gameplay of both of these titles, and, with that in mind, you will get a really great experience out of it. The Diggers portion is made out of clearing the level of its squares, and finding your way around. The Pac Man portion is described by the enemies that won't stop chasing you. The good thing is that you can enclose them in the walls of the mazes you are roaming about, and so either deal with them later, or just never have to worry about them again. With each level, your main goal is to reach the exit, which will take some different shuffling of the squares that block your way. You can also get upgrades, hidden here and there in the blocks, but you also have to move fast, since every level is played under time constraints, so you can't really lose a lot of precious seconds exploring everything. Oh, and there are traps too, so avoid those as well, if you want to see the next, slightly harder, level! Have fun!

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