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Rubik's Cube in 2D! Well playable

Cubulus is a digitization of the easily recognizable Rubik's cube puzzler game toy, that is without question in the entire world, probably the easily most recognizable game in its own category. This particular digitization can be played by oneself, and you can scramble the starting cube (which is seen in 2D slides only) and have a harder or easier game. Now, in order to avoid situations where you solve the game via tricks (the same that work on the real world cube) the game offers you points only if you solve the cube in a limited number of moves. It takes a while to get acquainted with these moves and find exactly how to tackle it mathematically, logically, and not by means of playing it via simple cues. Graphically, Cubulus looks alright, with simple 2D graphics. Also, the game contains music, if you want to have some oldie beeps and tweeps playing about in the background. I know I've disabled them first thing I did! Anyway, know that the music was a game written by one of Team 17's musicians, that would later on work on the music to the staple that was The Worms Series. So, well, if you want digital Rubik's cube gameplay, Cubulus will do just right!

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