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Blocks and colors based puzzler; pretty intricate but fun

Booly is a pretty intricate puzzler game that asks you to mash around colors and interconnected bricks, in a Boolean dance that is similar to the Gemfire game. It's a decent game overall, with the idea being of turning all the blocks, of different colors, to grey. To do that you have to put a number of same color blocks one next to another. Similar color blocks will annihilate one another, and you'll then be able to move more freely. It takes patience, thinking ahead of time, about what your next move will be and, furthermore, using the patterns that the AI mashes about in your favor. In essence it's a bit of a war game, considering the way it was built, and, further on, it's also a very long game, featuring 300 levels in total, that you can play at different difficult levels. So, you really are going to have a lot to play, if you like the recipe! The graphics look alright, 8bit DOS in style and rather functional than beautiful, but you won't have any complaints, of that I'm sure, even if you're a very pretentious individual!

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