Spaceward Ho!

Strategy 1990 Dos Dosbox Delta Tao Software Top down Science Fiction

Some real good strategy with fun

It is very fast playing and smooth two player game in the genre of strategy games. The great gameplay and the fast real time transitions make it one of the best strategy games involving multiplayer player action. The players' numbers can go up to ten and they will compete with their moves and tactical elements to become the undisputed master of this universe. You will find that the game has a good amount of zany humor which has been coupled with a gaming engine which becomes seriously addictive when you start playing it. The intuitive interface in it has been incorporated as one of the prime features of this game. You have the option to design your ships with some real good colored graphics and then you can plunge all your ships into action which is featured by a smooth gameplay and some very good animations and graphics. The pretzel and beer strategy that it involves makes the gameplay very addictive and you can play it for hours and hours without being bored. It's recommended that you play the game with some real opponent or your buddies because the A1 is not that good for a serious competition. Revelation is another great and exciting game to go for after this one.

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