Revolution 76

Strategy 1989 Dos Dosbox Britannica Historical

The US revolution in managerial/politics simulation form

In this game you can choose to play either as Lincoln or as Davis, and from there on, you will get to choose your allegiances, your politics, your policies (which you will get to choose from a minigame type deal, embedded in Revolution 76, which offers you clear cut decisions regarding the rules of America) and many other fine political points. The game feels like a more detailed and focused on the realities of America, Democracy. However, while in Democracy you have less defined boundaries, in Revolution 76 your options are much more restricted, partly because you face a mighty opposition, play as Lincoln or as Davis; But, of course, when all political endeavors fail, it's time to intervene with force, and the game offers you just the right kind of wargaming recipe, to go along all those other portions. I'd say, Revolution 76 is a pretty well balanced game, given that it is as diverse as it is, packing all of those elements. Graphically, it's all about DOS 8bit non color clashing graphics, which is very well received, So, yeah, that is the recipe, if you like diverse simulations, with just the right equilibrium of elements for each portion, to make it easy to control and not to lose yourself in too detailed a world, Revolution 76 is a good choice. Plus, it demonstrates that it known the actual historical context of the American revolution but understands that history should never get in the way of a good game!

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