Revolution X

Action 1995 Dos Acclaim First Person Arcade style

The Aerosmith fan rescue sim game… What?!

Alright, this game's premise is totally rad, some will love it, some will hate it's guts: You are one of the biggest Aerosmith fans out there, right, Aerosmith the 80s and 90s and later on band? Doesn't really ring a bell? Well then you must be too young to appreciate this game, so go away. Still reading? Ok, so, you see, the band gets kidnapped by Helga, a woman that doesn't mess around, the result of years of trash metal and drug abuse as well as years in which she has put on weight. Yap, she might have looked sexy back in the day but now she's just as scary as fish sticks! So this is where you come in, tasked with liberating Aerosmith from their captor, liberation which is delivered in the form of a classic adventure game, or rather through the solving of minigames. All good up until this point, but the game quickly shows its low quality/small production value and disinterest from the part of the developers. The game is almost a continuous glitch and bug fest, and if you manage to solve one or two puzzles, then you must really be lucky. So, while saving the Aerosmith band might have been a dream of yours, the problem is that the game will simply not let you, as it is just too damn broken down. Rather go for Who Shot Johnny Rock? another rock and roll infused game, though this one is barely more playable than Rev X.

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