Factor X

Action 2001 Windows Fallen Angel Industries Cartoon Military

Race and survive in this twisted driving destruction fest!

Destruction Carnival and Destruction Derby jump to mind when considering the intricacies of this particular game, but, for what is worth, this is a creation that seems to precede them, and on a technical level that will immediately be apparent. But that is not the case, as the game was released in 2001. Thus, the faux retro feel is immediately apparent as forced, or rather, a consequence of the game's small budget and, maybe, the nod that it drops for older, 16 bit graphic games. At any rate, once you settle for the top down perspective and get used to the graphical engine, the fun can begin. The game is very meaty, with 23 arenas in which you can race your vehicle, go on a rampage and simply try to emerge victorious. The game is thus intended for a specific purpose, to create as much chaos as possible and to alleviate stress levels. And, boy, it indeed manages to fulfill those goals to perfection. Plus, whether you are an occasional player or a long play one, the 3 modes of play can definitely keep you busy, as long as you don't begin to notice the lack of polish or story.

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