Richard Burns Rally

Racing 2004 Windows ak tronic Software & Services Rally Driving

One of the best rally games ever

I don't slap the label of one of the greatest games in racing and rally-ing without actually thinking of what I'm saying, nope, not at all; Richard Burns Rally deserves it. And here's why: the game looks and feels great, whether you'd be playing it on minimal quality settings or full pedal to the metal. The physical behavior of the vehicles is great, they under steer as they should, they over steer as they should, the damage they can get is realistic enough to offer this one a run for its money. It is a very cool game also because it features vehicles that were actually inspired and truly produced to represent their real life counterparts. Plus, you can control it keyboard bound as well as play it on a controller or a wheel controller. Also, the game tracks look very realistic and you have a lot to choose from. So, overall, the game makes a great job of putting a lot at your finger tips, and you don't even need to worry about car settings or the like, though you could, Nope, the stock settings offer a very balanced gameplay, which is great. Along with XPand Rally it's part of the 2000s gaming that was really spectacular and modern.

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