7th Legion

Strategy 1997 Windows MicroProse Organized forces Real time War Action Adventure Sci fi

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Your tactics will be challenged a lot

7th Legion is a 1997 real-time strategy game developed by Epic MegaGames and published by Microprose. You play as a commander in a futuristic world, where you have to apply your military tactics. Even if the game had some competitors at that time, it was well received among the enthusiastic gamers, and it still does nowadays. The design is very well-done, showing the creativity of the producers. You will face difficult situations, where you will have to think fast, efficiently and to analize thoroughly, in order to adopt the most suitable strategy. The more you will succeed into annihilating your enemies in a brilliant manner, the less financial problems will occure. The money will become more numerous everytime you destroy an important military unit. With the earned cash you can buy massive upgrades for a high performance and other advanced weaponry, all this to strenghten your armed force in front of your enemies. If you plan to command a war for conquering some territories, I advice you to invest in heavy weapons and mostly, in buying tanks, because only with these powerful vehicles you can lead your army to success. Play this elaborate and wanted game, because you won't regret your time spent on it!

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