Rings of Medusa

RPG 1989 Dos Dosbox Starbyte Software Medieval

An aged and particularly unfriendly RPG

Ring of Medusa hasn't aged that well unfortunately. There are certainly a lot of old school RPGs that can still be played today, but this one isn't one of them. Rings of Medusa will hurt your eyes with a color palette that is raw and uninspired, with graphical elements that are so small to the point where they feel indiscernible. Also simple control elements such as sculling on a map feel too stiff and take too much time.I don't know who would go for such a harsh treatment today, especially given that the game is anything but a masterpiece. The story behind it is as cliche as it gets, and it revolves around the character, a prince who must find and amass armies to uphold this non-descript evil. Maybe on the Amiga console, for which the game was originally designed, it might have been ok, on a PC however it simply feels too nondescript. Not that you will be able to pay attention to it, since most of the narration will happen on rapidly moving scrolls with font with a font type that simply is unreadable. The only interesting aspect of the game is the combined gameplay which brings forth elements of strategy as well as RPG, but frankly none of them are too well polished or integrated. I'd suggest that you rather avoid this game.

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