Rings of Medusa 2 - Return of Medusa

RPG 1991 Dos Dosbox Starbyte Software Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons

Fantasy RPG and strategy game combo

The only redeeming value of this game is in the fact that it at least tries to offer you a more diverse range of gameplay options for you. What this means is that it tries to be a hybrid of the RPG and strategy genres, and, while interesting enough story wise, the mechanics are at times a bit too cumbersome and a bit too simple and unchallenging. Thus, Rings of Medusa 2 - Return of Medusa will not make it to the list of those that actually like their games to be well built. No, Rings of Medusa 2 - Return of Medusa is no Might and Magic game though its RPG section certainly tries to. It resembles the games built in the Golden Box engine. However, the combat makes use of some elements that will trick you into believing you are controlling the game as a classic real time strategy. Thus, the collusion of both these different gameplay styles makes it so that the game itself is really never exploring of none of these styles too in depth. So, unless you are geared to take on the lesser but more varied gameplay experience that Rings of Medusa 2 - Return of Medusa offers, better stay away from it. This is not a smooth playing game.

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