Ultima 5

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Warriors of Destiny still rocks hard!

In Ultima 5 the gamer had already mastered the 8 virtues, in the last (the 4th installment) game, and in this one he has to go back to Britannia. However, all is still not quite well and he (you, the player!) will find himself under attack, for reasons that the game will explore. Overall, it's a really well done game, I'd say maybe a little less enticing, story wise, then the 4th, but still a little beast of its own making. The gameplay hasn't changed that much since the 4th, though, surely, there are some improvements. Long gone, though are the occasional spelling errors that had riddled the 4th and particularly the 3rd game, while also, the quests are more varied and more interesting (while also more tightly delivered, in terms of their requests). Maybe the team spent more time polishing and straightening things out, whatever it was, it was worth it. Other than that, Ultima 5 is a game that knows how to keep itself interesting, still a hit or miss on some quests but overall alright in the (what I like to call) black series of the games. If you want more color in your Ultima though, see later titles, the 7th one especially being a better than average Ultima experience.

Great role playing RPG game

It is a role playing RPG game which belongs to a great series that has made a lot of fans all over the world. The plot this time is that after you have got all the 8 virtues and have been able to attain avatar hood, you are now called back by your old comrades. The reason is that Lord British has went missing on some expedition which he took to the underworld and Britannia is now being ruled by a tyrant lord name Lord Blackthorn. He is being ruled by some evil powers and has enforced some very strict rules on the people in the name of virtues. Now your mission is to find Lord British and to free Britannia from the Tyrant Lord. The gameplay in this game is far beyond those times and really depicts a great gaming engine that the developer managed with it. You can start exploring this vast world with just entering the words and interacting with NCPs. The combats if unnecessary can be easily avoided and the variety of levels in the game are far spread a very creative. The graphics in the game are also beyond its time and so are the animations. It is far better than what you saw in Ultima 4.

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