Action 1991 Dos Geoffrey Silverton Shooter

Classic and great multiplayer action game

Being a very good two player game, it can be termed as a classic multiplayer version of the game known as Digger. The players will use the keyboard and will control their tanks on the hot seat. The tanks will appear at random underground location on your screen. The goal that you have as a tunneler is to dig and dig through the soil and make way through your tank to the tank of the other player. Once you make way to the other player, then you can destroy it. However it is quite competitive to make out where you are in terms of the position of your opponent and you also have to take into account your fuel and some other factors. You will need to return to your base for refueling or you will not be able to proceed any further. The EGA graphics in the game are not much to chat about but they support the gameplay easily. The gameplay is split screen and is one of the most renowned and well designed in this genre. It's a competition which you always wanted to have with your buddy, your sister or your brother. Action games like Twisted Metal 2 and the Tunneler have made a good fan base among children all over the world.

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