Rising Kingdoms

Strategy 2005 Windows Black Bean Empire management Organized forces Fantasy

Unoriginal old-school fantasy fun

If you've played the original Warcraft or are looking for a fantasy-themed take on Command & Conquer, then this little known game might just about fit the bill. It's not a classic but it's pretty enjoyable while it lasts. The player finds themself in the land of Equiada, where something mysterious is afoot. An ancient order is on the rise, seeking to extend its power by overthrowing the lands of men, while the wilderness itself is also rising up in power and Shades have been seen across the world. What all this translates into is a fairly familiar fantasy RTS, where you take control of one of three factions and engage in a series of battles in order to take control of the world. There's a wide range of units on offer here, including heroes, each with their own unique skills and abilities, while there are also several minor races to unlock alongside the main one, including the Shades, Dragons, Elves and Trolls and which add more variety to proceedings. While Rising Kingdoms is far from original, it remains an enjoyable experience. There's almost nothing new at all on offer here, with pretty much every element lifted from other similar games so if you want a new experience, look elsewhere. However, if you just want to have a good time, then this will certainly fit the bill. There are some inventive units here, with some nice skills, while missions are enjoyable and challenging. The visuals are probably a bit too old-school for some but if you can get past this, then you'll have a good time here.

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