Simulation 1986 Dos Norman S. Zwasisza Board games Strategic scope

Ok board game recreation, though rather harsh on visuals

Risk is a classic TBS tabletop game that is simple and fun in it's own way. While the genre has seen relatively many types of boards, with all sort of depictions, this game recreates the original planetary board, which is now being battled over, following the classic RISK rules. The game is ok, it has simple controls, just pick an area nd move your units there. However, what it doesn't really excel at, is color and resolution. The colors are rather dull when they're not headache inducing, and the more you play, the more the chance to get your eyes to sting and get tired. So, unless you want to play very short sessions, or sessions where you take your time to rest, the game will soon prove to be hardly playable. At any rate, that was the state of the graphic in the mid 80s, so, you have to accept this if you want to give it a go. I didn't find that the game offered too much else around the basic tabletop rules, and the AI doesn't really manage to pull too diverse a tactic to beat you, so in my view, this Risk version is anything but a stealer

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