Road Hog

Racing 1995 Dos Dosbox Teacy Entertainment Humorous Driving

Cartoon fun racer; alright quality wise

In Road Hog all you'll be doing is piloting your wacky racer as fast and as smartly as possible, trying to take out your opponents any way you can or see fit. The game is a first person, faux 3D kind of deal, with very colorful, 8bit graphics and an engine that still uses front advancing sprites, but these sprites are very well combined so that you won't get a very flicker experience. In terms of tracks, there are quite a few, so that won't be a problem. Also, Road Hog is a game that looks like its destined for kids, and my feeling is that children will like it the best. That is so because Road Hog is not a game that is very hard, nor is it very punishing, but it does put you in a very competitive mood, as the slamming in other racers and picking up powerups is central to the game's design. I wouldn't call it a very toiled over/polished game either, as this one is, well, a so, so visual quality/originality of vehicles and tracks game. But that won't hinder you either, if you're looking for an alright, cartoony experience. A better choice though would be Lego Racers which packs more detail and is genuinely 3D, while also more fun, all things considered.

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