Adventures of Captain Comic

Arcade 1988 Dos Dosbox Michael Denio Platformer Cartoon

Sheer adventure, fun and excitement

It is a prolific shareware platformer game which has all the elements of fun and addictiveness and is a good trend setter. You will play as a Galactic Hero who will jump from one platformer to the other and will collect all the bonus treats. The weapon that you have is an interesting blaster which fires different shots and the number of such shots depends on your collection of blastula colas. Magic wand, little trinkets, jet pack and pickaxe are the other items that you can collect along the way. The graphics are only VGA which does not fascinate much but they are enough for a good gameplay. The game also involves an element of solving puzzles where you find treasures, next levels and exits which have been synchronized with the gameplay to make it competitive. The controls have been made to work in unison with the gameplay and the game works fine on both the old computers and the new systems. It's sufficient to allure you into the world of Captain Comic for hours and is more than an average plat former game. You can also try Chip and Dale which is as exciting and fun as Captain Comic.

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