Robocop 3

Action 1992 Dos Dosbox Ocean Robots 3D action adventure

Poor 3D entry in the Robocop franchise

The third entry in the popular sci-fi movie series is considered by fans to be woefully poor and unfortunately, this video game version follows very closely in its footsteps. Published by Ocean, famous for their movie tie-ins, this sticks pretty much to their established formula for such games, being an unimaginative mix of driving, shooting, flying and beat 'em up style levels. The twist here of course, is that the game is in 3D. Two modes are available for players, the Movie Adventure, or Arcade Action, with the former offering a basic story-based campaign which sees Robocop going up against Splatterpunk gangs, while the latter offers five single levels to enjoy. The potential for a truly great Robocop game is clearly, but this really isn't it. Although the various game-styles available present some variety, they are all so basic as to be virtually unplayable for anything more than a few minutes. While the 3D graphics were obviously a big draw at the time, they have not aged well, with environments and character models that are crude and lacking in detail and textures, although they do move at a reasonable pace. Sound too is similarly unimpressive and less than cinematic, while controls are somewhat peculiar for anyone accustomed to more modern games. Really, while it can be commended for its ambition, this version of Robocop is only of interest to dedicated fans and although the previous instalments, like Ocean's original Robocop, may only be 2D, they do provide a bit more entertainment than this 3D offering.

Crude 3D first person shooter starring Robocop

I have to give it to Robocop 3 though, it tries quite hard. It includes a lot from the movie, whose story it follows, but, for a lack of polish and depth, it manages to be quite a sub mediocre experience at best. There is an underlying reason for that in the fact that the production company was mostly steeped in platformer action, and so, this game marks the jump to 3D not only for this game but for the producers as well. So, even if the game combines shooting sequences with corridor shooting and even other type of mission, none of these activities is actually nice enough to entice. On top of that you get a story as well, produced and delivered through animations and cutscenes, and that too isn't something to care too much for. At any rate, if you want to get a go at a very prototypical FPS, this one will provide the bear necessities, but they're too far from being interesting enough. Rather go for the platformer games instead, as they're much more fun to play than this abysmal first person shooter.

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