Terra Nova: Strike Force Centaury

Action 1996 Dos Dosbox Virgin Interactive Robots Science Fiction Simulation Fpp Sci fi

Exciting and complex shooter

Terra Nova is a squad-based tactical shooter that plays like a mix of Rainbow Six and MechWarrior and provides an excellent mix of fast-paced combat action and complex tactical gameplay. Set in the far-flung future of the 24th Century, the game sees colonists battling against both pirates and a totalitarian government in their struggle for survival. The player is thrust into the role of the leader of a military unit who is armed with a hi-tech battle-suit packed with gadgets and weapons. Accompanying you into battle are your similarly-equipped squadmates and who can each be given orders as your mission unfolds and who each have specialities like weapons, repairs or demolitions. The missions themselves are quite varied, and include full-on assaults, rescues and surveillance and prior to starting, you can outfit your team in the most appropriate manner, choosing from a good range of weapons and equipment. Terra Nova stands up pretty well now, with fast-paced and exciting gameplay that is more complex than your average FPS thanks to the squad-based and tactical elements. The scenarios and environments are all varied enough to maintain your interest for some time, with the free form nature of the missions providing plenty of replay value. Graphics are solid rather than spectacular now, but are certainly atmospheric enough and really there isn't much to find fault with here. If you're in the market for an action packed sci-fi shooter with a bit of depth, you can't go wrong with Terra Nova.

A futuristic FPS for a good time

Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri is a 1996 sci-fi tactical first-person shooter video game set in the 24th century, where it game follows a faction of humans who colonize the Alpha Centauri star system to escape from a Earth government deep into dictatorship. You assume the role of Nikola ap Io, the leader of an Alpha Centauri military unit, and have to undertake missions against pirates and other enemies that are out to get you. You and three of your computer controlled squadmates go through 37 missions and kill whorever you see. As in all FPS games, you see the game through your characters eyes. The visuals are great, 3D enhanced, with precise detail and fantastic animation. The sounds also has good quality, with authentic sounds of explosions and futuristic guns firing while a midi song is playig in the background. It can't be heard that well, though, as it's covered by the game main sounds. To me, the game has story, decent gameplay and good graphics. A very decent FPS of the nineties.

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