Shattered Steel

Action 1996 Dos Dosbox Interplay Robots Futuristic Simulation Fpp Sci fi

Mechwarrior Robot Simulation Game

Shattered Steel was released in 1996 for MS-DOS by Interplay. Shattered Steel has an incredibly ahead of it's time and detailed CGI introduction to the game. The storyline to Shattered Steel, is set in the far future, where human kind has explored and colonised the galaxy. The corporations, control many of the newly discovered planets mining resources. To protect their mining investments, the corporations have hired "Planet Runners" , a series of robots, that are controlled by human players. These robots resemble "chicken walkers" from Star Wars movies. Shattered Steel will quickly remind you of the game Mechwarrior, in it's game play and design. From the effort and quality put into designing the introduction to the game, my expectations were that this game would have really great graphics. I was actually quite disappointed in the game play, graphics and design of the game, but putting that aside, Interplay was creating a new concept for it's time and the terrain is interactive, which is a very new concept, which paved the way for terrain interactive games such as Red Faction. Your enemies in Shattered Steel include aliens, robots and alien hybrid robots. The game includes multiplayer and single player modes. I would recommend giving this game a try, if you liked the Mechwarrior series, however Shattered Steel may have issues running on modern computers without the original CD.

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