Thexder 2 - Fire Hawk

Action 1989 Dos Dosbox Sierra Robots Platformer

The man that could turn into a Fire Hawk! Second edition!

Thexder 2 - Fire Hawk sports the same basic sidescrolling, shooting, sidescrolling enemy avoiding as a ship or as a man robot! But your main activity will be that of safely traversing the game world from left to right, jumping over obstacles, trying to find the right approach and trying to find how you can cause as much damage as you can, without being hit. It sure takes a lot of attention and a lot of skill to know when to go about your way as a robot or as a plane, as the stages are now even more filled with enemies, but once you get into the groove, you can surely get a grip on it. At any rate, the game was released in 89, a thing you would not think possible giving a look at the graphics and at the very intricate enemy placements, at times. But then again, I think that this game sort of learned its lessons from other left to right marauders such as R Type or maybe even from Mega Man type games (Mega Man 2 came out in 88, a year earlier). The only thing that this game might do that might not please you is the fact that later on it reuses some of the tiles, but then again, it does a good job overall, masking it all and keeping things more or less interesting. Plus, you need not play it in a single run through; it's the kind fo game that lends itself to more than one sitting.

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