Arcade 1989 Dos Dosbox XOR Corporation Platformer

A simple arcade game that is very addictive

The game is very much a clone to Lode Runner and has some very good elements which bring addictiveness to the gameplay. The game is very simple with a very simple and conventional theme but it is the addictive gameplay which keeps the interest going. It's more than just collect items and find the exit because some fun elements have also been added to make the plot diverse and fun. You will control the Roboman to pop up various balloons that are present at every level. The balloons will give you keys in which one of them is the key to enable you to reach the exit for the next level. If you pop up all the balloons in a stage during the course of your search for the key, you will be gaining bonus points. The elegant touch that they have given in the game and which I loved is the springboard which enables the players to jump from one level to the other. There are many other surprises in the balloons you pop up and is therefore a great fun game. The only thing which makes the game inferior to Lode Runner is the level design which is not that much diverse.

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