Ghostbusters 2

Arcade 1989 Dos Dosbox Activision Platformer

Ghostbusters Are Back

I had a blast playing this game when I was younger. Nowadays it might not pose much of a challenge. The game combines most of the story of the second movie with some liberty based on the player's failure. The game starts out with the Scoleri Brothers bust at the courthouse where you fight the two simultaneously and Slimer in the background constantly harassing you. If the ghosts hit you with 3 fireballs, you're out. If you're hit with 6 slime balls from Slimer, you lose that round. If you lose a round, then one of your ghostbusters is sent to Parkview Mental Hospital, and in order to get him or her out, you have to bust them out in a great escape. You also have to go and collect slime from the Van Horne tunnel and test it to music. After you get three positive musical responses, you're ready to bust the shell of the Manhattan Museum of Art by driving Lady Liberty. This is where the game hits copy protection. Without a map that comes with the manual, you'll be unable to get to the final fight with Vigo the Carpathian. Still, it's a must play for Ghostbusters fans! But you will need a mouse and a DOS emulator which supports one.

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