Arcade 1988 Dos Dosbox Psygnosis Platformer

Sidescroller, well produced, lame story though...

In this game you belong to a gang of Time Warriors! Time Warriors! Wow! Well, should you accept their challenge, you're going to have to take to the streets and try and locate Baal, the demon. What is the connection between Time Warriors and demonic spawns? Not much of a connection, to be quite frank, but, nevertheless, it puts quite a nice fascia of story in there, and by nice I mean, lame! But that doesn't matter! What matters is that you will be sidescrolling left and right style, at times laddering up and down as you see fit, to gain a vantage point on your unassuming enemies, and just shooting, while rarely having to dodge. No, this is no Contra, not at all, this is an alright sidescroller, with military overtones, but nowhere near as involving as the olde faithful! Anyways, play it, it's a game that offers a few tens of minutes of fun, and who knows, it might even click with you and have you enticed to see it to completion. Don't come wanting a lot though, it is not the game to hide too much inside!

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