Arcade 1987 Dos Dosbox Mastertronic Myth and legend Action based

Barbaric brawler/beat em up, kinda cute!

This title, as barbaric and as testosterone filled as it is, is a title that is best described as cute! Because it is cute, the animations are cute, heck, the swords going about are cute and kind of fragile. Barbarian is not, though, a title for children, or, I'd reckon, it doesn't address children per se. It's pretty dumb for children these days, really simple yet still really well produced, and, thus, it is a game that is all for those lovers of oldie games, you know, the kind that play well but are not too diverse. Because Barbarian is as pixelated as it could ever be, atrocious (alright, that is a bit of an overstatement!) graphically, and, also, the kind of dumb fun, the kind of fun you have by doing the same thing again and again and again! So yeah it's either this or maybe Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior, whichever of these oldies sword swashing brawlers you like more. I kind of see them both as the same kind of pie! But, sometimes going about in cute 8 bit clothes, looking to hit people in the head with your pixelated sword can fe kind of fun!

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