Arcade Space combat

Get blasting!

Far superior to the likes of primitive space shooters such as Kamikazi Alien, Rockets is a surprisingly clever and addictive little blaster that packs a lot of punch into a small package. It's another high score chaser, much like classics such as Space Invaders and Galaxian, so if you love seeing your name up in lights, then check this one out. It's pretty simple in concept, owing a little to Asteroids, and simply requires players to battle a never-ending set of enemies in the depths of space. You start out on a little starfield filled with planets and asteroids which is then populated with enemy ships. Your task, as you might expect, is simply to take them all out before you run out of ships yourself, racking up the points as you go. Although there's little in the way of power-ups or weapons as you might expect from modern shooters such as Raiden, Rockets is pretty fun stuff, albeit in a simple, old-school way. The action isn't as fast or frenetic as bullet-storm shooters but it still gets pretty intense at time, and you will certainly find your trigger finger tested as you play. Visually the game is as straightforward as you'd expect, with little in the way of graphical flash but what's on offer here is certainly effective enough and gets the job done. While Rockets is far from being a classic of the genre, it has a similar kind of appeal to arcade coin-gobblers like Pacman so if you enjoy that one-more-go quality of games, then there is a lot to enjoy here. It's not going to last you long, but it's a fun ride for a while.

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