Arcade 2000 Windows Space combat Flight shooter Action based

Where cute Japanese anime and vertical shooting collide!

Idinaloq is a vertical shooter, a 2D/2.5D kind, but, while the majority of these games are alright with letting you do your shooting in more or less vanilla settings, this one wants to pull you in with a bit of a manga theme. This is sent your way via cutscenes in which elegant and cute (generally female) anime characters put a spin on the game, giving it a bit of a story. Wheter or not you'll get pulled into the game because of this element is pretty debatable. However, the shooting is pretty alright. The game, later on, will become a Japanese inspired bullet hell, but until then you get the chance to get yourself acquainted with the game, which, all things considered is an alright shooter, of the black screen, enemies coming from above your way,, type! The quality of the graphics is commendable, though there is a divide between the European looking selection of ships and enemies and the Japanese characters. But hey, it works, it's fun and you're bound to get some action thrills out of it, which is alright. Play it along with Scavenger, another space shooter that is very colorful and relatively tight.

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