Simulation 1980 Dos Dosbox Atari Tank sim Shooter

The first and best FPS ever

After more than 30 years from its release, this game continues to amaze players world wide with its great gameplay and quality. Even with the poorest graphics and very few colors, the game is still better than a lot of today's shooter games in terms of fun and enjoyment. Made in 1980, this game can easily be one of the first FPS games in history! The game has a very simple objective and that is to kill everything in sight. You view the game from a first person perspective from inside a tank and move through a vast and seemingly endless terrain and in the upper corner you have a radar that helps you find your enemies and kill them. The AI is very intelligent and will give you a really hard time killing it. As I said, the graphics are the simplest possible ones and there is virtually no sound whatsoever, but still, with its high quality and exciting gameplay it will keep you begging for more. If you want to check out remakes of the game, try Battle zone and Battlezone 2.

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