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Boulder Dash and Supaplex mash

Rockford is not a complete clone of Boulder Dash, though it certainly has a lo9t of elements that will remind you of that classic arcade action title. It's not completely a Supaplex clone either, but some of the elements of that game are to be found in here. So, what it is, is a game in which you play this explorer of underground caves, full of elements that, at any time, can move about and fall over your head. You are moving about in the game in order to get the crystals, and when you're done, head over to the exit. You can take multiple roads, and you can bore your way around, but make sure you don't destroy some of the elements, as you might end up with a bolder fallen over your head. The game is smaller than Supaplex, with just 6 levels/worlds. You can increase the difficulty, which will put more boulders in each level and you can choose which avatar to use, from the 4 included. Also, except for the boulders there are also active enemies roaming about, which you just need to avoid, or capture them in the debris so they won't be able to follow you. A great, if fairly small game, great for those looking for an arcade, action/puzzle mash-up.

End of a legend

The final installment of the Boulder Dash series, this game is the cherry on top of the great gaming experience that has continued over 7 games for 5 years before and up to date, there are tons of remakes and variations of the mega popular game. The gameplay is in the spirit of the Boulder Dash - our hero must visit five different locations (including outer space) and collect diamonds and other items while avoiding to get crushed by boulders and other dangers. There are 80 levels with increasing difficulty, so you will be playing this game for a great while until you're done. What's great is that the game is suited for all ages - adult players will be equally challenged as 7 year olds, and both will love the game tremendously. If you take it for a family game, there will probably be arguments over who's turn is it to play, since nobody will want to go from the game! Normally, over time, the graphics and the sound of the game have improved a lot, but still the game is very old school for today's standards. This game is one of those that live forever and I am sure that people will be playing it all over the world even 20 years from now.

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