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Epic old-school collection

There are a couple of releases with this name, one a very early compilation of some classic eighties arcade hits and another from a few years later of a similar nature but which adds in even more value by including a whole raft of extra games, business tools and a few random apps just for good measure. The first version out of the gate featured eight replicas of games including Pacman, Breakout and Frogger, with everything reproduced in glorious ASCII characters for some real old-school thrills. All of the games on offer are pretty accurate renditions of their inspirations, so in terms of value, you can't go far wrong, if you're looking some such things that is. The second set, which is also available here, digs a little deeper and offers a more eclectic bunch of games, all once again reproduced in that lovely ASCII style. Here you have such delights as Nevada Dice, a simple dice game; Killer Maze, very basic first person maze game; Boggy Marsh, a sort of guessing game revolving around locating a hideous monster; and Wildcatter, an unusual oil drilling sim. The business tools are less obviously fun, but some might find a use for such things as retro depreciation cost calculators, break even analysis devices and other such stuffy things, while for the really desperate, you also have a app to measure your hearing and eyesight and a way to calculate your personal biorhythms. The earlier package is the most enjoyable, offering as it does a solid collection of arcade hits, with the second one having as many hits as misses, but both a worth a look if you really want to step back in time.

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