Puzzle 1986 Dos Dosbox Math or logic Arcade style

A remix of the puzzler Amidar

Amidar bis the original that first brought forward this type of experience, however, with Gapper, the game gets a little shifted. The original was also a tile arranging puzzle, but here, a new dimension is explored; that new idea is introducing color to the game. It thus creates a more action like game, with Q Bert into it, but also with a sort of Pac Man idea. Graphically it's not a very exciting game; the track in which you will be playing is balck and white with colors delivered only scarcely. However, being very easy to control, and more of a mind game than a classic action, it works pretty well, and it won't give you pause because the graphics are not too sparkly. Another cool thing about the game is increased number of different levels it has; there are different puzzles, though, of course, based on the original idea of the game, but they do put you in slightly different mind spaces. So, give it a try, if you like a sort of puzzle action game combo, and you will find it very cool and satisfying to sink int.

Check your trail! really fun

It is a very good arcade style puzzle game which has both a logical theme and a fun element to it. It is very much similar to the way how the predecessor played where you have to make your own path on the grid and to change the color that are there in the series. You have to build logical patterns and paths and will also be leaving a trail. Now to make things more complicated and to add toughness to the game, you will have a seeker following your trail and as soon as it catches you, a life will be taken. So in order to do away with the seeker and to progress with your trail building, you can create a gap on your trail and that gap won't let either of you to cross it. It plays very much like Pac Man with a difference that there are no dots. The gameplay is fast paced and that is the fun element in it. The level designs are numerous and each of them is unique from the other. The A1 is really tough and you need to be very quick and logical with your decisions or you will get caught by the seeker. The graphics are also fine by all standards. A good alternate to this game is Serpy.

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