Ant Hill

Puzzle 1991 Dos Dosbox Chris Busch Strategic scope

A sidescroller ant terminator game

Ant Hill is a very simple, ASCII like sidescroller, maze and shoot, as well as a game where you will also get to do some jumping. That is so because the natives of the Amazonian region have reported a number of ant infestations, and they need your help. Now, don't be fooled, the insects in this game are anything but harmless! The ants here are huge, full of poisonous substances that they just can't wait to get on you. Also, as you will see, Ant Hill is the kind of game that will get you to think about a whole lot of things; you have to shoot, you have to dodge and much more. The game is full of surprises. It even manages to have a few puzzles in there, even if it isn't much of classic puzzler. The gray and black graphics, with the occasional intense green is not for everyone's eyes but if you are not too concerned about graphics that much, you will find that Ant Hill looks alright, like an old DOS should. But, at least, it's got lots of one screen areas to go about in. So, you won't get tired of it too soon. And, if you're looking for retro ant games, you have to download Ant Attack, one of the first successful isometric games out there, designed on the ZX Spectrum, and a game that pushed that system further than many would have thought possible.

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