The Global Dilemma: Guns or Butter

Puzzle 1990 Dos Dosbox Mindscape Strategic scope

Competitive strategy making game

It is a pure strategy and management game which is really good because of its realistic and inviting feature. The plot in the game is that you have to manage the resources of an empire for allowing it to progress and to conquer its enemies. The basic feature in the game is the use of iron. You have to maintain a balance to utilize the iron because it is limited. If more iron is being spend to produce weapons, then less will be available for the industry which will cause to deteriorate the economy of your empire. The game focuses on tradeoffs that are associated with war and this feature really makes it realistic and engaging. Not only you need to conquer enemies and manage commodities and their production, but you will also have to defend the empire against attacks of the enemies. The graphics in the game are simple and have been designed with less details. However the game play due to its realistic features is quite inviting. The interface has been designed with a lot of focus on every detail and this makes the gameplay easily understandable. Overall you have a good game at your disposal and you should try it along with Gripple.

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