Tennis Manager

Sport 1998 Windows New Generation Software Racket Business

Average game all the way

It is a sports management game where you will play the role of a manager to train a tennis player and make him progress to the top ranks. This management involves a wide variety of things such as the training ground, sponsorships and hiring a coach for training. The game is not much diverse in terms of the strategy or the management aspect as there are many other games which are better in this regard. The income is also generated through taking part in tournaments and wining prize money. The training content in the game can be edited by the player. The calculations for the tournaments is done by the computer or can also be played in the form of action sequence which we see in classics like pong. When the player starts to earn money, he can go on to buy a house or a car to establish a status symbol. The game is good in terms of the graphics and the gameplay but is pretty average in terms of the user interface. The variety is limited but is quite fun and this makes this game cut above the average. Well if you want some real tennis fun, then try Tennis Elbow.

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